Monday, 30 April 2012

Handmade Monday.

Arggh! As if it is Monday again today! This is my third week on Handmade Monday already - how time flies when you are very busy! There are a lot of great crafty blogs up already, so go get looking at what everybody has been up to - or even contribute yourself! :)

Last week I mentioned my plans for the week ahead. I was feeling a bit under the weather this week so I am behind on what I had planned, but there were some unforeseen extras that made up for it.  

Where to start! Where to start!

So... I didn't get any baking done and I didn't start my new illustration, BUT I did get my hair chopped and I did get my entry form from our local Art Gallery for their annual Open Art Exhibition in Rotherham. Due to moving to new premises, the competition is a little later than last year so I already have my artworks planned out. I cannot give away much yet but I love bird watching and I love F1, so there is a hint of what is to come.

Despite not feeling on top of my game, I did manage to visit our local RSPB reserve, not only once but three times. I am still a newbie bird watcher and when my neighbor told me about how good Old Moor was, I went along to find out for myself. There are so many different birds living in a fantastic and protected area and it is the kind of place you can go to and always see something new! I think I fluked it on Tuesday with the weather, NOT A DROP OF RAIN ALL DAY! I saw lots of birds I had never seen before, yet when someone pointed out to me five Black Tailed Godwits, I could not spot them at all! Here are a few of the birds I did see though...

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a volunteer role at Old Moor and on Thursday (a dry day until I stepped off the bus and the heavens opened!)  I went for an interview aaaaand I finally got to see the Black Tailed Godwits, not just five - we saw 28!!! Yesterday I went for a little taster to see how I would get on. As it was pouncing down with rain all day, plans changed slightly and along with another volunteer, I went on a walk to find some Yellow Wagtails and Little-Ringed Plovers. We didn't see any but it was a great little wander despite the cold and wet. Typically, there had been sightings of both birds and a few others that I am yet to see but they were obviously hiding when we were out!!! I cannot wait for next Sunday to start properly- hopefully a little bit drier too!

Are any of you RSPB members? Which reserves do you visit?

I made a little RSVP card for my best friends wedding - I love classic and simple designs and that is what I went for. I am so excited for the wedding it is unreal!

I received an awesome parcel this week too. I say awesome - it was 5 metres of toy wadding. Toy wadding I will be using to stuff some gorgeous red material that I own. I have some new templates - so think along the lines of my little bunny (and owls) and little duck, but in the style of some beautiful red birdies :)

What shapes would you like to see from me?

Aaaaand finally - here be my knitting update!

This week I learned stocking stitch. My Mum always says that it is really hard to get right but somehow I managed to grasp it really well. I am so happy with this length of knitting this week :)

 I then started to learn to rib and it looked good - although the tension wasn't great - until I learned the Moss stitch and it all went wrong!

Well, that is me done for another Monday! This week will be filled with bird making, bird watching, a catch up over coffee tomorrow, a new illustration and some baking (yes really! I will! I promise!)

Have a great week guys and gals X 


  1. You look like you're doing really well with the knitting! I like the sound of the red birdies!

  2. Well done on the knitting it does get easier. You have been busy all week as always

  3. Sounds like a really great volunteer job - hope it goes well. Your knitting is progressing very well - well done. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Your knitting looks good & as Caroline said, it does get easier with practice. Let's hope it's not raining on Sunday

  5. Well done with the knitting... just remember whatever you knit it is only plain and purl and you have already mastered those. Practice when you can and you will soon be doing it watching the telly with the occasional glance down to see how much it is growing.

    I love the Godwits... they look a lively bunch :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Well done for learning to knit, it's something I've never been able to do but I keep meaning to have a go. Or maybe crochet. Looks easier with only one stick :)

    Great that you're volunteering with the RSPB, I hope you enjoy it! I used to volunteer with the Dorset Wildlife Trust and now work quite closely with the RSPB. Have fun on sunday!

  7. Good ole mum teaching you to knit! You are doing really well.

  8. I'm so glad your knitting is going well. I haven't started my project yet (how embarrassing, since I ordered the kit quite awhile ago!) I need to go buy the correct needles, and that's my excuse.
    Thank you for the photos, I love birds. And your drawing was lovely. I admire people who can do that.