Monday, 12 October 2009

What I Wore Today.

Another great group I found a couple of days ago on Flickr. What I Wore Today
.Set up by illustrator Gemma Correll, it encourages people to draw what they wore in a day. It has reminded me how important it is to draw everyday and also how I lack at this!
The state of my first two attempts aren't great but I intend to get better. I am also going to spend time just drawing each day, even if I am experimenting with other materials.

Monday, 5 October 2009

How Old Is Too Old To Sit On A Lion's Back?

I came across Racheal Anilyse and her latest blog post of October goals. Although I am getting my motivation back, I thought this would be a great idea for me to try to push myself now that I am not working or at uni with someone else piling on the pressure.

So. Here is a list of my 10 October goals.

1. Broaden job search to include Leeds, Nottingham and Hull. Got a job.
2. Rip up backlog of magazines to experiment with collages and text.
3. Really get back into decorative typography.
4. De-clutter bedroom / Re-arrange bedroom.
5. Finish reading Pride and Prejudice.
6. Continue with this blog.
7. Visit Leeds Art Gallery.
8. Find money to do 'Portrait Drawing and Painting Course'.
9. Visit Western Park Museum.
10. Make birthday/bonfire plans!

While some of these aren't as specific as others, they should all be possible to reach while giving me a good challenge at the same time.

The pictures at the top will give you a bit of an idea of my latest project. I started to get a taste for collage while doing my Final Major Project at university this year and have now accumulated that many magazines from my old housemate and My mum over the last 5 months, I thought it was about time to rip them all apart and experiment with images and texts.
I really cannot wait to get cutting and sticking now.

I routed around for some old sketchpads from when I was living in Sunderland yesterday and found some great quotes from Mowbray Park benches and some hand drawn typography in biro. It got me thinking about really pursuing typography again. And again, I cannot wait to get started. It is a great feeling to feel so creatively inspired after a lot of change and creative block.

And finally, some not so great pictures I took of the sky yesterday. The clouds were like little white Wotsits, but by the time I had found my camera, they had started to move on. It was great to see all the same!

Until next time!