Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I Could Have Danced All Night...

Hello, hello, helloooo,

As a gift for Christmas I received a pair of tickets to see My Fair Lady at The Crucible in Sheffield. As it's one of my favourite films, I had incredibly high expectations. Luckily Dominic West and Anthony Calf did NOT disappoint! An intimate setting, astounding music, an incredible cast - what more do you need in a girly night out?

 Two years ago I cut letters out of a piece of foam. At the Time Headbutt had been released by The King Blues, so that's what I decided to experiment with.

I finally dug the foam sheet out again after a big bedroom clear out. Along the way I found a nice selection of old poster paints and figured it was about time I actually did some printing.


This week I'll be working on mushroom villages.... but that's a creation that you'll have to wait to see.

So I'm off to work now in the lovely icey snow but I will be checking up on the posts on Handmade Monday!




  1. Glad that the show didn't disappoint as there is nothing worse than expecting to enjoy something only to find that it doesn't quite live up to your expectations.