Monday, 25 October 2010

A year on....

I've just been looking at my old posts and came across this post from November last year . It was the day before my 22nd birthday and I'd set a few goals for myself.

1. Eat lots (because my doctor says I am severely underweight :/ ) A month ago I discovered that I am lactose intolerant and swapped from drinking normal cows milk to LactoFree milk (which takes out the natural sugars in cows milk!). I have put 4lbs on in weight because my body can digest the milk properly :) Yesterday I reached a milestone weight and the only way is up from here on in!
2. Explore lots (because there are a lot of amazing places around Rotherham and Sheffield that I never knew or had forgotten all about.)
In January I went to Manchester for the first time, to see a musical. I've been twice since then to see bands play. I went to London for a few days for a proper visit (mainly to see The Gaslight Anthem play!) and can't wait to go again. I went to Durham to visit a friend and explored the Cathedral. I went ice skating in Leeds with a friend in February. I went to Leeds Festival in August and I went to Leeds again last week for some staff training! I love Leeds. So, I'd say I've done a fair bit of exploring and visiting this year. 
I will be going to Durham again next month and then visiting America in December! There's no wonder I never have any money, is there?!
3. Experiment lots (because I just can't settle on one style of working and will go through the contents of my room before settling!)
I'd love to say I've been experimenting more, but I haven't been motivated enough. I am getting back into drawing again now though.

I don't think I've done too bad with these resolutions. There's so many more places I want to explore and I really want to start collaging properly, so I shall add them to the resolutions for the year to come and will hopefully be able to update on progress this time next year :)


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