Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Happy New Year (ish)

So, I am 22 today and I am making today the start of my New Year with my 3 resolutions of

1. Eat lots (because my doctor says I am severely underweight :/ )
2. Explore lots (because there are a lot of amazing places around Rotherham and Sheffield that I never knew or had forgotten all about.)
3. Experiment lots (because I just can't settle on one style of working and will go through the contents of my room before settling!)

Looking back on my goals for October, there weren't many things that I could tick off but the main thing is that I have a job! Four months of spending most days on my own when my family have been out are about to come to an end and I cannot wait to get working. This month really is the beginning of really good things to come!!

These are my November goals:

1. Finish reading The Mighty Boosh book.
2. Visit Leeds City Art Gallery.
3. Visits Western Park Museum.
4. Visit photographic exhibition at Graves Gallery from 26th November.
5. Draw at Clifton Park once a week.
6. Personalise blog space to something a bit more exciting!
7. Continue with collage prep and experimentation.
8. Make Christmas card list and make Christmas cards.
9. De-clutter bedroom.
10. Complete one piece of typography each week.

With a bit of luck, I will combat these goals more than my October goals. I am feeling more optimistic and really looking forward to what this month brings.

And with that, I am off for some breakfast and getting excited for the Muse concert tonight!


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