Wednesday, 18 November 2009

"The great thing about your last journey is you don't have to pack"

I found the above quote when I was reading an interview with Tony Benn in the Guardian earlier this year, probably when I was packing up to leave university life and Sunderland behind. I hate packing with a passion, but this quote by Benn's mother is very very true. Thankfully!! :)

I found a lot more things when I was de-cluttering my room at the weekend. I found photos of my GCSE work (below) and I remember feeling very happy with it at the time but looking at it now it looks a bit rubbish. The picture here is of my display shown in the great art hall that used to be in the middle of all the class rooms at our Comprehensive. Unfortunately they re-built the inside of the art building to make the classrooms bigger and took away a great displaying space.

I have uncovered many many quotes that I am going to work into typographically and a also some ideas to try out in regards to adding more pattern to my work.

I am still trying to get last week's typography piece finished but it's being proving very hard. Having spent all weekend clearing out my room, I then started a great new job on Monday and worked most of yesterday too but hopefully I will get it finished this week.
My plan to go to Clifton Park and draw every week this month has been put on hold this week as today has been my only day off and it has rained most of the day. I also had to wait in for a delivery guy so I could sign for a parcel. Said parcel didn't arrive until 3:30pm so it has been a bit of a wasted day.

And with that, I am off to tidy up the house and ink some letters.

"Justify your reason and want to go out and draw. Find a subject of interest." - Mike Ritchie

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