Monday, 27 August 2012

Dreamcast Worlds: A Design History.

It's not often you'll see me post about gaming as I usually have my head stuck in a sketchbook but when I started to read about a old school friend's latest venture - I couldn't not tell you about this!

As you'll know if you've ever tried to write, illustrate or publish a book on any subject, it is a costly and time consuming task. What Zoya has cleverly done is made up several packs at varies different price ranges for interested readers to fund the book for her. So not only does she get the money to back her book, these potential readers are gaining all kinds of great things from a PDF chapter of the book at $5 to a sponsorship deal for $2,500 and there are plenty more packs for a wide range of prices.

A very good deal indeed for everyone involved!

So, what is the book about?

In Zoya's own words..

'Dreamcast Worlds will tell the poignant story of Sega's last games console. It will expand my 30,000-word MA thesis written at the Royal College of Art into a book covering three different Dreamcast games. I take an innovative and unique approach to history, stepping inside the game worlds to tell the story of the Dreamcast through buildings, artefacts and spaces.'

With high interest from enthusiastic backers, from games industry veterans to dedicated retro games collectors over the past seven weeks, the funds raised so have reached over half way, but with only four days left to go there is still a big push needed!

I whole heartedly suggest you get yourself over to to find out more and get yourself to the links where you can buy your own slice of this book. Let's make this book happen!

Good luck Zoya!

31 August 2012 - Zoya's target of $5000 has now been reached after a nail biting few hours! This means the book will most definitely be going ahead! Here is what Zoya had to say this morning
Make sure you keep checking the above page as you'll be able to see how the book is progressing and where you may be able to help!! 

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