Thursday, 9 February 2012

Time For Myself.

So let's scrap the previous post where I said I knew what I wanted and was on the way to acheiving it. I'M NOT.

Okay, now that's out in the open I can sign a breathe of relief.

As you may have seen, I started Nicola E this year; a shop that I want to sell home-wares and apparel. Everything was going too fast and not the way I wanted it to go. I'm rushing on designs, I'm not working in the style I want, I don't have everything set up like planned. Ultimately, I'm not happy.

I miss drawing for the love drawing.

For the rest of this month I am going to solely focus on myself. What I want. I'm going to start my Jenson Button painting, I am going to illustrate more shoes in chalk pastel, I am going to build myself a website, I am going to go out and visit more galleries and see my friends more. I will still be selling things from my shop, but only the same way as my illustrator friends do.

When the time comes to restart my little home-wares shop, I will build it up properly. Y'know with a proper identity, website, a better idea of what I want to make and sell.

I thank you all that have been so supportive while I've set this up. This isn't the end, just a mere blip in my plans.

Today's plan involves a spot of Photoshop work, some bird watching, a Lush face mask and some Lemon Curd tart making. If I'm lucky enough my parcel from Amazon will arrive - The Lady and The Tramp and Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD's. What more does a girl need?

See you sooooon! X

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