Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rockalily Lipstick.

I've experimented with all kinds of colours and makes of lipsticks but they always bleed off my lips and so I gave up and stuck to lip glosses. That was until I heard of ReeReeRockette's business, Rockalily Make Up.

I now own three of these lipsticks. They are bright, bold and they stay on my lips! And when I say stay, they can generally last all evening.

I bought Rockette Red because I wanted a bright red that complimented my pale skin and blonde hair. It takes a lot of confidence to wear it but once you do, you can't help but smile!

I bought Pompadour Pink after spending an afternoon in a shop with some very pretty ladies and having never felt so unglamorous in my life! I decided I needed to make more of an effort on my own appearance. I decided to buy a pink that would grab attention and make me feel glamorous!

In the same week that I bough Pompadour Pink, the much sought after Limited Edition colours came back into stock. I'd had my eye on Vintage Vixen as it is a 'dusky rose pink' Needless to say, I did buy it and because it is a soft and feminine colour, it is fast becoming my favourite colour!

The packaging is very pretty. The smell of each lipstick is divine. They keep your lips moisturised. The service is AMAZING! - You can't get better than next day delivery. You really do get what you pay for.

I highly recommend that you check out http://www.rockalily.com/ to find about the lovely ReeRee and Rockalily.

Because Life Is Too Short Not To Wear Lipstick! X

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