Monday, 15 August 2011

Kid Acne and Jane Pinkney.

On Friday I went into Sheffield with a friend to see Kid Acne's exhibition, Kill Your Darlings at the Millennium Galleries. This is his first exhibition in his home town and boy does it make an impact. From brightly coloured walls and canvasses, two cabinets full of his sketchbooks, massive floating ghosts and even a hanging copy of books and zines with his work in. I am a huge fan of graffiti, zines and art and this more than meets my expectations. I left feeling so inspired! The exhibition is there until the end of October and is really worth checking out!

Kid Acne's Blog.
Millenium Galleries - Exhibitions.

On Saturday I went to Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire to see an exhibition of Jane Pinkney's illustrations. She creates gorgeous little mice characters in very different scenarios. The exhibition spans two upstairs rooms and a corridor in this amazing manor house. You know when everyone says 'don't use to lots of colour and don't overcrowd your image?' That's exactly what Jane does but it works so well and you can see just how much everyone loves these mice from their smiles. 'Awww's' can be heard all around too. There are pictures of mice cleaning and eating and some are lost and some are roaming the bedrooms of the hall itself!

I bought 'The Mice of Nibbling Village' featuring Jane's work and with verses from Margaret Greaves. There are little poems to describe the daily lives of mice and Jane's illustrations accompany each one so well.


You can find out a bit more about the exhibition HERE and find out more about the minuture house collection there too :)


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