Friday, 27 May 2011

Twit terwooooooooo!

So err... HI! Happy New(ish) Year!

Well, I haven't been the busiest of bunnies creatively and life has certainly got in the way of things, but that is about to change. This bank holiday weekend is going to be full of finishing of my zine, That's Logic. It's been over a year in the making due to family issues, financial issues and work commitments so I am very excited to be finally letting it out in the world!

In other news.... This week I made these owls. I was given the set to sew them together from a friend for Christmas. and absolutely LOVED making them! Here's a couple of photo's :)

So, hopefully I can get back into the habit of blogging, buuuuuuut we'll see.

Til the next time.


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