Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wreck This Journal.

Happy New Year!!

Well, seen as though everyone else is back in the swing of blogging, I thought I would show some care to my blog too. I have even revamped it a wee bit.

About 8 months ago I saw a website encouraged people to wreck their journals/sketchbooks, so I decided I would chuck mine in the washing machine to see how much damage I could cause. The journal then met with the tumble dryer and it became a bag full of crinkled page and scraps. Some bits were glued back together in various ways, the other bits are in bag in the corner of my room waiting to be looked at....

As a Christmas present, I got an actual journal with destructive instructions on each page. This journal is currently being put through its paces by myself - I fear for it once I get taking it outside .... actually, no I don't at all hehe

So, here is my current progress ......



Above: Said Cracked spine, selotaped up at present to make life easier :)

It seems I had quite a collection of stamps from my uni collage project!

*In Progress*....





And last but not least (for now anyway.....) .....

I have drawn in glue, but glue is clear, so you'll just have to take my word for it that I have done it !!


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