Monday, 28 September 2009

"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up...

, but a comedy in long-shot" (Charlie Chaplin)

So, I've been experimenting with black and white because I usually hate it as I am so obsessed with colour. I think now is a good time to push myself out of my comfort zone of the clashing colours and decorative typography that got me through my last year of uni. It's not that I don't like typography anymore, but I do like to draw something different every now and again to keep life interesting.
I love drawing people but I am not great at it so I am drawing them and learning as much as possible with the aid of fashion magazines, 16th century paintings, books and most importantly real life. My latest fascination is with legs so that is why my figures seem to be a bit out of perspective with extra long legs.
The main thing though, is that I actually love the challenge of using just black ink. I felt the temptation of adding lots of colour to the illustration above but did manage to hold off. Now I have uploaded it I might add a touch of colour. Just to see!

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